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Difficulty: easy
These jobs are easy for anyone interested in cycling. For this workshop the user either doesn’t need any tools at all, or he only requires standard tools such as Allen keys, pliers or screw drivers. In this category you’ll find above all how to perform adjustments to your bike
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Release Brakes

Whether you are transporting your bike, or changing an inner tube, sometimes it is necessary to remove the wheels. In order to remove and fit wheels, you either have to deflate the tyres or release the brake calipers; otherwise you won’t be able to get the tyre past the brake pads.

With Shimano and SRAM brakes there is a lever on the brake arm with which you can release the brake. Pull up on the lever in order to release the caliper and pull it down to close again. Picture 1

With Campagnolo brakes you need to press on the silver button on the inside of the brake hood to release the caliper. In order to close the caliper again, press on the button from the other side of the hood. Picture 2

Remember to connect the brakes again before you ride. Do never ride with released brakes!

Canyon consistently strives to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in this Technical Support Center. Any repairs or adjustments which you carry out on your bike are entirely at your own risk. If you are in any doubt about what to do, you should send your bike to Canyon or take it to another qualified repair specialist. Canyon gives no guarantee or accepts no liability for the any of the information contained in this Technical Support Center.

Brake release for Shimano brakes

Brake release for Shimano brakes

Brake release for Campagnolo brakes

Brake release for Campagnolo brakes

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