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There’s simply no better feeling than heading out for a ride after a tough day at work or at the weekend to just unwind and let the stress fade away. Get on the bike and get out of town, on your own or with friends. Forget workload and project deadlines, out on the bike you can recharge the batteries so you’re ready to take on new challenges. Discover where you live like never before and ride out to new places you've not yet seen. Enjoy life outdoors.

Whether putting power through the pedals or just going for a gentle spin, two wheels are far better than two feet when it comes to exploring your surroundings. Riding has a hugley positive impact on the body as well as the mind, boosting your overall wellbeing like no other sport. The Canyon Fitness range is perfect for those who love being active and seek invigorating ways to stay in shape. So what are you waiting for? Experience the new Roadlite!



The Roadlite AL continues its success as a road bike into its new form as the first model in our fitness range and shares several design features from our current road generation. Hydraulic disc brakes provide full control no matter the conditions and combine with wide 28 mm tyres to guarantee extra grip and a smoother ride. VCLS seatposts significantly reduce the impact of vibrations, while flat handlebars, ergonomically formed grips and saddles ensure the best comfort.

Reliable drivetrains with broad gear ranges make light work of the climbs and the balanced riding position reduces pressure on back and neck muscles for pain-free riding. This entirely new range has been developed to offer exciting new ways of combining performance and comfort for the Canyon range. Staying in shape has never been so much fun. Enjoy the ride and explore your surroundings with the new Roadlite AL.

models 2015 – available now!

Roadlite AL 7.0 € 1,299

Roadlite AL 6.0 € 999

Slender seatstays

Slender seatstays guarantee rear-end comfort

Internal cable routing

Internal cable routing provides tidy overall appearance

Tapered Steerer

Tapered steerer increases head tube stiffness

Maximus Seat Tube

Bottom bracket stiffness increased thanks to Maximus Seat Tube