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Torque DHX

The bike for the rough stuff

Bike of the Month/Test Winner

Well equipped for its category

For years the Torque FRX combined the ultimate in downhill performance with maximum versatility. Its successor, the Torque DHX, is a bike for the new model year and has enhanced kinematics for more efficient power transfer, more responsiveness and more travel, making it ideal for all-day downhill and bike park action. The Torque DHX frame has been completely revised. New tube shapes and the deep drawn top tube ensure more standover height and therefore more rider manoeuvrability. The result of the new design fits in perfectly with the Canyon style and ethos. Rigid and robust, the frame includes innovative Canyon features, such as the new Canyon Thru Axle for maximum wheel stiffness, adjustable angle ball bearings for superb responsiveness and durability, and an ISCG mount, giving you a choice of drivetrain options.

The short chainstays together with an extended reach result in a balanced geometry that allows you to get the perfect position on the bike. Flat steering angles enhance smoothness on rough downhill sections. If you’re after a low slung bottom bracket and flat angles for high speed downhill tracks but also need steeper angles for demanding technical sections, you can have it all. Track Flip gives you the choice with 195 mm of travel for pedal courses or 210 mm for bumpy race tracks - it's entirely up to you. Whether you want a lite-downhill rig for tearing up bike parks and the local trails (Playzone and Dropzone) or a full-on race machine for downhill and big freeride action (Flashzone, Rockzone and Whipzone) - the new Torque DHX gives you guaranteed thrills.


Torque DHX Flashzone € 3,599

Torque DHX Rockzone € 2,399

Torque DHX Whipzone € 1,799

Torque DHX Dropzone € 2,349

Torque DHX Playzone € 1,499

Annoying cables are a thing of the past because on the Torque DHX the cable to the Vario Post is routed entirely inside the frame. The top tube has been drawn down as far as possible to ensure minimum standover height and lots of freedom of movement on the bike. A short standover height provides greater pedalling space and therefore safer handling on technically demanding downhill courses.

Adjusting the spring travel to your needs? The Track Flip on the rocker arm is just the thing. 195 mm "pedal course" or 210 mm for bumpy race tracks. In addition the steering angle can be adjusted from 63° to 64 and the bottom bracket lowered by 10 mm - 63° for high speed trails and large jumps and 64° for technical Alpine terrain.


The Canyon Through Axle system delivers maximum rigidity to the rear wheel with its 12 mm through axle. Unlike other through axle systems, the rear wheel is mounted fully on the dropout which means that the wheel is quicker and easier to fit and remove.

The Canyon SAG monitor enables you to find the perfect basic setting in a trice. The drag indicator on the rocker arm shows the compression of the dampers when you sit on the bike (used negative spring travel = SAG). In addition the SAG monitor also shows the maximum spring travel used. That makes an efficient setup very straightforward.