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Mounting of bicycle rack

Canyon bikes are not compatible with luggage racks, trailers, child seats or electronic motors.

The 2010 Yellowstone 3.0 is the only model compatible with luggage racks that attach directly to the frame as well as the Roadlite only in model year 2015.

The Yellowstone 29 (up to the 2013 model) and the Grand Canyon AL 29 (from 2014) can accept luggage racks that attach to the rear axle and eyelets located on the seatstays.
Seatpost mounted luggage racks can only be fitted to mountain bikes with aluminium seatposts.

The combined weight of the luggage rack including luggage must not exceed 10kg.

Canyon bikes are not compatible with electrically driven systems or driven hubs (Rohloff, for example).

In addition, batteries must not be transported in bottle cages.

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