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Difficulty: easy
These jobs are easy for anyone interested in cycling. For this workshop the user either doesn’t need any tools at all, or he only requires standard tools such as Allen keys, pliers or screw drivers. In this category you’ll find above all how to perform adjustments to your bike
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Prevent Chainsuck

When shifting on the front chain rings the chain can sometimes get jammed on the teeth causing it to get stuck between crank and chain stay. This is also called “chain suck”. This occurs mainly when shifting down onto the two smallest chain rings.

The cause may be bent teeth on your chain rings or an incorrectly adjusted front derailleur.

However, this is mainly the result of worn chain rings. On old and worn chain rings the cause is mainly an edge that has formed and when shifting the chain gets stuck causing the chain to get jammed between chain stay and crank.

If the chain is completely wedged in between crank and chain stay, then you’ll need to take off the crank to free it.

Check chsin wear and regularly and replace chain and all other parts of the drivetrain if they are worn out

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