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These workshops are intended for experienced and skilled mechanics, who have extensive experience with sports cycles. Jobs in this category mostly require tools which need expertise to operate such as the chain whip, torque spanner or pedal spanner.
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Measurements of bottom bracket of current Canyon bicycles

Measurements until model year 2013

BSA 68mm: Roadlite AL, Speedmax AL, Ultimate CF, V-Drome AL
Press-Fit 86,5mm: Ultimate CF SLX*, Aeroad CF, Speedmax CF and Ultimate AL

Grand Canyon 26”: BSA 73mm
Grand Canyon 29” (incl.SLX): Pressfit 89,5mm
Nerve AL und AL+: BSA 73mm
Nerve CF und AL 29“: Pressfit 92mm
Strive: BSA 73mm
Torque EX und FRX : BSA 73mm
Yellowstone 26”: BSA 68mm
Yellowstone 29“: BSA 73mm

Measurements from model year 2014

BSA 68mm: Roadlite AL, Speedmax AL, V-Drome AL
Press-Fit 86,5mm: All other roadbikes

BSA 73mm: Strive AL, Torque EX, Torque DHX, Grand Canyon AL 29"
Press-Fit 92mm: All other mountainbikes

The bottom brackets are read for assembly. It does not need to be treated before you assemble the bottom bracket. However, we recommend that you clean the frame carefully before you assemble the bottom bracket.

Please note that the right bottom bracket adjusting cap has a left-hand thread and the left one has a right-hand thread.

Please always mind the manuals of the components manufacturers. Never use copper paste on your bicycle or its parts.

Canyon consistently strives to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in this Technical Support Center. Any repairs or adjustments which you carry out on your bike are entirely at your own risk. If you are in any doubt about what to do, you should send your bike to Canyon or take it to another qualified repair specialist. Canyon gives no guarantee or accepts no liability for the any of the information contained in this Technical Support Center.

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