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Ces ateliers sont destinés à des mécaniciens expérimentés et qualifiés, qui ont une grande expérience du milieu du cycle. Les compétences dans ce secteur requièrent souvent de l'expérience pour savoir utiliser des outils comme le fouet à chaîne, clé dynamométrique ou clé à pédale.
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Replace Formula Brake Pads

Changing Formula The One and RX brake pads

1. Remove the wheel.

2. You slacken the fixing bolt of the R1 with a TorxT15. With the RX and The One you take off the safety bolt and slacken the screw with an Allen key.

3. Now you can pull out the brake pads by hand.

4. Clean the inside of the caliper with a clean cloth and brake cleaner / isopropyl alcohol.

5. Slide the worn pads back into the caliper. Then prize apart the brake piston with a slotted screw driver or bleed block.

6. Pull the worn pads out of the brake caliper.

7. Wipe off any excess lubricant or grease.

8. Push the new brake pads into the brake caliper. The pads are identical on both sides therefore it does not matter on which side you fit them.

9. Check if the safety bolt is undamaged. If it is damaged it must be replaced.

10. Secure the brake pad with the safety screw and bolt. Then tighten both to 2Nm (+-5%).

11. Insert the wheel. Ensure that the brake disc is central and runs through the brake pads without catching on them. It may be that you need to adjust the brake caliper.

12. Before full braking performance can be achieved, the brake has to be „ridden in“. Carry out several braking tests before you make full use of the braking system. Apply the brakes gently at low speeds and off main roads. The brakes should not be overloaded on long downhill rides until they have been used for at least 200km.

All brake components must be clean and free from grease and oil. Never apply copper paste on a bike.

Wear safety gloves and goggles while working on the bicycle.

Always mind the correct torque value. Only use original parts.

Always mind the information and instructions given by the manufacturers.

Never use the bicycle without brake pads.

Ensure that all bolts and screws are tightened to the correct torque. The correct torque is indicated on the component itself, in the bike manual provided with your new bike, or here in the Technical Support Center.

Canyon s'efforce constamment d'assurer la qualité et l'exactitude des informations contenues dans ce support technique. Les réparations ou réglages que vous effectuez sur votre vélo sont sous votre entière responsabilité. Si vous avez le moindre doute sur ce qu'il faut faire, envoyez votre vélo chez Canyon directement ou chez un vélociste qualifié. Canyon ne donne aucune garantie ou n'accepte aucune responsabilité quant aux informations contenues dans ce support technique.

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