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Exchange and compatibility of dampers

In principle, it is possible to exchange the shock on every Canyon mountain bike. The new shock must have the same compression length and the same fitting length as the old one. Check at any rate that the damper has enough space to move at any possible position. The bushing size for all Canyon bikes is Canyon ist 8x22,2 mm.

The fitting length of the shock is measured from the exact center of each of the shock eyes.

If you do decide to change your shock, then you will require new bushings from the relevant shock manufacturer.

The Nerve bushing size is M8x35.0mm.

Originally assembled dampers on the Canyon Strive can not be replaced or changed by any other damper whatsoever!

If the damper has a piggy back make sure that the piggy back does not touch the frame or any other part of the bicycle under no matter how far the damper is deflected.

Canyon streeft voortdurend naar behoud van kwaliteit en nauwkeurigheid van de informatie die zich bevindt in het Technical Support Center. Reparaties of aanpassingen die je aan je eigen fiets doet zijn volledig op eigen risico. Als je twijfelt over wat te doen, kun je het beste contact op nemen met het Canyon Servicecentrum. Canyon geeft geen garantie en accepteert geen aansprakelijkheid voor de informatie die zich bevindt in het Technical Support Center.

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