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Rediscover your city

Riding allows us to view the city from an entirely new perspective. Your surroundings simply open up, you discover new places and spark up conversations with like­minded people. Free from set departure times, parking restrictions and traffic jams, urban mobility finally becomes an experience you can actually enjoy like never before.

Lifestyle is no longer judged on shiny bodywork and big engines. Riding a bike is the very definition of modern style and progression. It makes a bold statement. Nobody switches to riding because they have to, they do it because they can. Wherever you’re heading, with the Canyon Urban range you’re guaranteed to arrive in style.


If the journey you take to work every day is getting tedious, then it’s time for a change. The Canyon Commuter will transform every trip you take around town. With fully-integrated lighting and mudguards that double up as luggage racks, it’s everything a modern commuting bike should be, combining elegance and functionality in a bold new design. This bike succeeds in turning urban mobility into an experience to enjoy. Whether with belt-driven hub gears or a conventional drivetrain, the Commuter has been configured to be as low-maintenance as possible to provide stress-free riding whatever your destination. From the integrated cockpit with built-in lights, to the leather saddle and handlebar grips, even the smallest details have been thought through to provide a high-end finish. The frame's silhouette is entrely unique – with the Canyon Commuter, you set the benchmark in style.


Meeting up with friends in the evening or heading to the shops at the weekend, with the Canyon Urban models you’re guaranteed to arrive in style. Whatever the destination, there is no scenario where these bikes are out of place. Their minimalist design and lightweight components ensure you’ll cut a fine figure when cruising through town. An array of technical features are hidden behind the stripped-down looks.
Full internal cable routing and seamless welds provide an uninterrupted appearance while the frame is compatible with Supernova lighting and includes theft protection at the seat clamp. If pure functionality is what you live by, then our Performance Urban bikes are the right choice. With hydraulic disc braces for reliable braking and VCLS seatposts for added comfort, you’ll reach where you’re going with ease and speed.

Commuter Series

Commuter 7.0 1.799 €

Commuter 7.0 SL 1.699 €

Urban Series

Urban 7.0 1.399 €

Urban 7.0 SL 1.299 €

Urban 6.0 SL 999 €

Urban 5.0 SL 799 €

Urban 4.0 SL 699 €