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Jeden kus dostupný ve velikosti S, barva painted black - blue, Položka č. A1027415

A gravity bike that's tailor-made for wide gaps and high drops whether you're riding in the bike park or on the downhill. Such a bike needs a suspension that helps you remain in complete control in every situation. Select the set-up that best meets your needs and ride with either the smooth-running 64° or the agile 65° steering angle, together with a double or single crown. All this is complemented by the adjustable travel options of either 203 or 185mm. It now just remains for you to optimize the Torque FRX for the next challenge. Great diversity and perfect geometry are just two of the qualities which characterize our 2012 gravity weapon for downhill racing and bike park use. The FRX impresses with its agility. When you're on the course, you must merely think about going left and the bike is already turning for you. You just can't beat this bike on manoeuvrability and smooth running. In addition, the suspension allows the bike to stick to the ground like glue and this guarantees a safe, relaxing and fun ride, because only a bike that stays firmly on the ground can be steered, braked or accelerated. The bike is not only easy to accelerate because of the very good kinematics, but also the low weight contributes to the feeling that you are accelerating on an enduro bike and not a downhill meteor. Here it's all about seeing, feeling, downhill and mega fun." Stefan Herrmann, former German downhill champion

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Bikes in this category are new bikes or frames without any kind of damage. These may be from previous year's models or special individual bikes. The bikes are in a technical condition equal to that of a current serial bike. As with all Factory Outlet-bikes we give the same guarantee as on a current serial bike on all bikes in the category 1.

NYNÍ JEN: 1.099,00 €
Pôvodná cena: 1.749,00 € Ušetrené: 650,00 €
Rám Canyon New Torque
Tlmič Cane Creek Double Barrel
Hlavové složení Cane Creek 40
Nářadí Pure Cycling Torque Wrench
Příručka Pure Cycling Handbuch MTB
Hmotnost 3350 g

Overall mark: VERY GOOD

Mountainbike 05/10 (model 2010)