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Cf slx

MADE FOR Racing.

The world’s no.1 bike. Reinvented. The Canyon Aeroad concept embodies racing in its purest form. Ever since we first launched the Aeroad CF in 2010, the successes have not stopped coming: victories in the biggest one day classics and Monuments, leader’s jerseys in all three Grand Tours and top spot in the UCI WorldTour Individual Rider Ranking three years running. With such a legacy to build upon, we set the bar high for our new development. Absolute performance across all areas. No shortcuts. No compromises

The Aeroad CF SLX fuses together the very best aerodynamics with the classic parameters that make a winning race bike: maximum stiffness, lightness (frame), exceptional handling and sovereign comfort. With an aggressive riding position achieved through our Pro Geometry and comprehensive integration of key components, such as the cockpit, seatpost and brakes to further optimise aerodynamics, the Aeroad CF SLX succeeds in taking overall road bike performance to a higher level.

Michael Adomeit / design engineer

  • "AEROAD CF SLX er en fusion mellem vores Ultimate CF SLX og Speedmax CF, og den kombinerer fordelene ved begge cykler.

  • “By design, the whole shape of the bike becomes a functional surface through systematic aerodynamic effects. Design and aerodynamics have to accompany each other perfectly."

  • " Ved 45 km/t udgør aerodynamikken 90% af den modstand som rytteren skal overvinde."

  • "The cockpit has a massive influence on aerodynamics because it is at the leading edge of the bike."

In comparison to predecessor

  • -19% wind resistance with Aerocockpit
  • +17% stiffness frameset
  • -13% weight frameset
  • -13,5W Aero-Drag at 45 km/h


Wolfgang Kohl / design engineer

  • "We wanted to build a bike which is powerful and light enough to break away from the peloton, attack at climb, or even win a sprint."

  • "Our WorldTour teams plan to win the biggest races in the world with this bike. We want to satisfy their high requirements with our product."

  • "The new design is confirmed by the results of multiple wind tunnel tests. Each surface on the bike was shaped for optimal aerodynamic performance in its individual role, as well as in its role as a part the entire system."

  • "Each bike part is important – frame, fork, seatpost and aero-cockpit. When you're fighting for every single Watt, every part of the bike needs to work in your favor."

Aerocockpit CF The Aerocockpit CF is characteristic of the overall design aim of the Aeroad CF SLX. The aerodynamics of the rider, who contributes to approximately 80% of total wind resistance, take high priority. By reducing bar width by 10 mm, the rider can achieve a more compact and aerodynamic riding position in combination with our performance-oriented Pro Geometry.

Aerocockpit CF The Aerocockpit CF is an entirely new development for Canyon and plays a central role in the aerodynamic performance of the Aeroad CF SLX. Consisting of an integrated bar and stem, the Aerocockpit CF integrates perfectly with the rest of the frame in terms of both design and performance.

Kronrør To meet our high targets for great handling, lightness and stiffness, we decided to build the Aeroad CF SLX with an untapered 1 1/4“ fork shaft. In spite of the larger fork shaft, frontal surface area is still kept to an absolute minimum thanks to the ultra-compact Acros headset bearings in addition to the hourglass shape.

BAGHJULS KÅBE A rear wheel fairing integrated into the seattube’s unique design provides a distinct aerodynamic advantage. Having the smoothest transition possible between frame and wheel greatly improves airflow around the whole rear end of the bike. This also enhances the rear wheel’s aerodynamics..

Aero sadelpind The flat toptube and integrated seat clamp is typical of the 100% focus on aerodynamic performance and component integration featured throughout the Aeroad CF SLX. With a lack of an external clamp, the seattube ends abruptly where it meets the toptube, helping to reduce overall surface area.

INDVENDIG KABELFØRING Thanks to the positioning of cable entry and exit points on the toptube and downtube, all cables follow a very straightforward path to guarantee smooth, responsive and consistent long-term performance. Headtube entry points have also been designed for use with the Aerocockpit CF so that all lines disappear straight into the frame and away from the wind.

OPTIMERET TRIDENT SKRÅRØR Our test results lead us to build a broader downtube on the Aeroad CF SLX, which ensures an extremely stiff headtube and excellent aerodynamic performance simultaneously. The figures speak for themselves: Headtube Stiffness – 100 Nm/°, Bottom Bracket Stiffness – 70 N/mm.

SHIMANO DIRECT MOUNT BREMSER While the trend in aerodynamic frame design continues towards fitting the rear brake beneath the bottom bracket, with the Aeroad CF SLX we instead use a slightly modified direct mount front brake for the rear as well. Our wind tunnel testing proved this to be by far the most efficient solution.