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Canyon has always prided itself on technical precision and extracting the best performance from our products. It therefore made sense for us to start developing our own components, including seatposts, bars and stems, to further enhance the connection between the rider and our frames. From 2015, almost all Canyon bikes will come equipped Canyon components in some form. These parts have been developed right in line with the Canyon design approach to ensure more comfort, high performance, and most importantly, safety. All Canyon products have to pass our own stringent quality controls with flying colours before being ridden.

At our test lab in Germany, we use an array of punishing rigs to expose these parts to stresses that go above and beyond any industry standard. Our components fall into five different categories so that they can deliver exceptional performance for their intended use, from lightweight road bikes (Category 1) to big-hitting gravity machines (Category 5) and everything in-between. With these parts, we are further able to further strengthen our core promises of quality, comfort and safety when riding.


Canyon handlebars put performance and control in the hands of the rider when out on the road or the trails. With a compact form, short reach and narrower diameter on the drops than the tops, our road handlebars make it easy for quick transitions between the three different hand positions. The Aerocockpit CF is an innovative integrated bar and stem that has the final word in aerodynamic performance. For our mountain bikes we have developed a range of bars, both flat and riser, specifically designed to provide the best performance for different types of riding. From XC to enduro, Canyon handlebars put you in control of the mountain.


Canyon seatposts take rider comfort to new levels thanks to our proven VCLS technology. By using a range of different fibres that go beyond carbon, our seatposts reduce the intensity of shocks and vibrations experienced by the rider by up to 50%, with no compromises made to lateral stiffness. These levels of comfort provide a major boost to rider performance by drastically reducing muscle fatigue for improved endurance. A brand new development, the Canyon S25 seatpost now opens up our innovative VCLS 2.0 leaf spring technology to cross country mountain bikers for the first time.


Our new range of stems guarantees Canyon performance, design and safety. Optimised wall thicknesses provide exceptional torsional stiffness but also help absorb vibrations from the road or trail for more comfort. The face plate is a key component in ensuring rider safety as well as dependable performance. As such, all face plates have a unique asymmetric construction and highly durable screws to aid correct setup for enhanced reliability. All our stems seamlessly conform to the Canyon design approach, making them the perfect match for any one of our bikes.