CANYON - Pure Cycling
CANYON - Pure Cycling

Aluminium and carbon are the two materials which are used most in the manufacture of racing and mountain bikes and both have their justification and strengths. Canyon has specialists in its ranks who can get the best out of both materials. Over the last few years it's above all carbon which has proven its superiority for lightweight racing bikes because good carbon frames offer greater stiffness, more comfort, lower weight than models made of aluminium. It is above all carbon which gives the greatest possibility of uniting various different characteristics in one frame as there are different carbon fibre types which offer great stiffness, stability and flexibility.

At Canyon we use two different manufacturing processes or a combination of the two. With the elaborate Monocoque construction method a special mould is created for every frame size in a unique manufacturing process. This process is characterised by its creative range of moulds and the particularly high quality of the tube surfaces. With the Tube-to-Tube process prefabricated profiles are permanently fitted together. This manufacturing process allows a more efficient production process and maximum possible reproducibility.

With the Semi-Integral construction method the advantages of both technologies are combined into one. The real secret of the F10 carbon frame, however, is in the layup of the fibres. Aluminium frames are in a constant process of development. F8 aluminium frames from Canyon are of the highest standard. We develop aluminium frames which regularly set new benchmarks and our frames benefit from the cutting-edge carbon technology which pushes the material to its limits.

We develop new solutions and creative approaches. We construct profiles and tube shapes with new conifications which do not compromise stability. The TIG (Tungsten-Inert Gas) welding technology guarantees quality welding which is in a class of its own. For aluminium and carbon the following applies: Even the base material must fulfil the highest standards required by the Canyon specialists. They are only satisfied with one thing: the best. This means that even the suppliers of the semi-finished products have to undergo the most stringent quality checks. The high quality standards at Canyon have proven their worth and delivered both test victories and satisfied customers.