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Estos trabajos son sencillos para cualquiera interesado en el ciclismo. Para esta reparación el cliente no necesita ninguna herramienta, o tan sólo herramientas estándar como llaves Allen, alicates o destornilladores. En esta categoría encontrarás todo loque necesitas para ajustar tu bicicleta.
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Campagnolo EPS Setup

Battery Charge:

You can find out how much charge is left in the battery by pushing one of the mode buttons located on the levers. picture 1

Solid green light picture 2
Flashing green light
Solid yellow light
Solid red light
Flashing red light

100% to 60%
60% to 40%
40% to 20%
20% to 6%
under 6%

Charging the battery:

The charging port is located under the bottom bracket. Turn the bike upside down. The plug is protected by a rubber cap. Remove this and connect the charging cable. picture 3

"Ride Back Home“ mode

If the battery runs out while riding, you can uncouple the rear derailleur to put the chain in any gear.
Once home, remember to couple the rear derailleur back on and recharge the battery.

Disengagement protection function

In order to protect the drivetrain after a crash or similar, the derailleur will decouple from the motor so that the system no longer responds to shift signals.

To decouple the motor select the largest chainring available and repeatedly press the lever without turning the cranks.
Should the derailleur not decouple then try carrying out the process carefully by hand.

Adjusting the gears:

If the chain jumps on the chainring and requires fine tuning this can be done by pushing one of the mode buttons for at least 6 seconds until a pink light appears
on the control unit. picture 4

Now using the gear levers on the right side you can adjust the derailleur either way by a tenth of a millimeter in each direction. Once the system is correctly tuned, push the mode button to complete the process. A pink flashing light should appear on the control unit to show the settings have been saved.

To tune the front derailleur push one of the mode buttons on the brake lever for at least 6 seconds. picture 5

When the light on the control unit turns, pink the front derailleur can be correctly positioned using the up and down shift levers by a tenth of a milimeter increments. To save the settings push the mode button again until the pink light flashes.

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Picture 1: Button to check battery life

Picture 1: Button to check battery life

Picture 2: Green light

Picture 2: Green light

Picture 3: Charging socket

Picture 3: Charging socket

Picture 4: Mode button on inside of lever

Picture 4: Mode button on inside of lever

Picture 5: Pink light

Picture 5: Pink light

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