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It’s taken three years of development, countless lab tests, hours spent out on the trails and pushing it to the limits in international competition. Our vision right from the start was the ultimate Enduro machine; a bike that climbs like an XC racer and bombs descents like a DH rig. What we created? The Strive CF with Shapeshifter. The ground-breaking Shapeshifter allows you to adjust the geometry, travel and the entire suspension dynamics while you ride to attack the trail ahead. The system consists of a gas spring embedded in our patented rear shock linkage, controlled via a handlebar mounted remote. The simple flick of a switch is all it takes to shift between DH mode, with flatter angles and 160 mm of plush travel, and XC mode, for steeper angles and 130 mm of firmer travel for extra efficiency. Shapeshifter gains you precious seconds when racing and fills you with extra confidence on the toughest trails.

No matter where you're taking on, the Strive CF will give your riding a whole new dimension. Two available geometries mean every rider can get the right bike to suit their style, with Regular Geometry for those after extra agility on the trails and Race Geometry, created together with Fabien Barel, for competitors looking for more stability at speed. The Canyon Factory Enduro Team put the Strive CF through hell during development in the Enduro World Series. What’s more, we built the most punishing testing rigs to take the Strive CF beyond the limit and ensure the 2400 g reinforced carbon frame, including Shapeshifter, will take everything you can throw at it. Mixing up massive versatility with cutting-edge technology, Fabien Barel couldn’t have described the Strive CF better if he tried: “It’s not evolution – it’s revolution!” Are you part of it?

shapeshifter technology

Shapeshifter znamená, že máte vždy perfektne nastavený bicykel pre každý trail. Revolučný dizajn rámu s touto priekopníckou technológiou vám dá dva bicykle v jednom.