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24.1.2016, CANYON it's not just awards season in hollywood

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero Wins Design AND Innovation Award 2016

The Ultimate has represented the pinnacle of Canyon road bike technology for years. Now, in its 4th generation, the Ultimate CF SLX has been pushed to new levels and was picked out by industry experts at the 2016 Design & Innovation Awards.

The Design & Innovation Awards mission is to “shape the bicycle world in a positive way” so it is only fitting that the Ultimate would be recognised for its innovations and groundbreaking design. The jury of the Design & Innovation Awards 2016, which include former cycling pros Lado Fumic and Cesar Rojo, praised the new Ultimate as “an engineering masterpiece.” They also made note of the bikes “revolutionary seatclamp” which “increase(s) both horizontal and vertical compliance without loss of power.”

We at Canyon would like to thank the DI.A jury for recognising our consistent effort to create the best bicycles at great prices which, as they said, “will be terrifying the competition.”

For more info on the awards follow this link: Design & Innovation Awards