Compatibility of suspension forks

If you want to fit a new fork to your bike, then you should pay attention to the following:

• Equal travel
• Equal total length (+-5mm). The total length is measured from the middle of the quick release to the top edge of fork crown. Bild 1

• Equal fork shaft length
• Only the Torque FRX is approved for use with double fork crowns.
• Please note the different standards for brake mounts. It may be necessary to purchase the relevant adapter.
• Please note the maximum brake disc diameters for suspension forks.
• The suitable hub with the correct axle retainer (thru-axle 15mm, 20mm and quick release axle)
Please note that many Canyon bikes are fitted with tapered shafts. If you decide to fit a fork with an untapered shaft, you’ll need another head set with a relevant diameter.
The Yellowstone and Lux MR series don’t have tapered fork shafts. The Torque has an end-to-end 1.5 inch diameter.