Nerve MR 7.0

Mountainbike 06/09

Direct forward motion. A perfectly designed frame with very exact handling - The Nerve MR 7.0 is a consistent performer.

"The damper on the rear triangle absorbs bumps with ease when riding uphill, sticks to the trail like glue and offers great traction on rough and steep little climbs." This was the enthusiastic verdict of Mountainbike Magazine on stiffly tuned 100-millimetre full suspensions. Mountainbike also comes to the conclusion that full suspension bikes climb better and offer more comfort, safety and riding pleasure! A company like Canyon should always be represented in such a test market. The market requirement is: The bikes may not cost more than 1800 Euro - because the 100-millimetre class is suitable above all for riders who are changing over from hardtails. And here it is very often the price which plays a decisive role. It is therefore consistent that Canyon should force its way into the test market with the cheapest bike and show that the Nerve MR really is front and centre in the test market, although the bike is well below the cost threshold at a price of just 1599 Euro. The Nerve MR is made for fast marathons. The testers from Bike magazine stated," Long top tube, lower front end, bar ends - the Nerve is simply crying out for powerful legs. And that power is transferred into forward motion at a ratio of 1:1." The Anti-Squat-Kinematic works flawlessly, as the 4-link hardens noticeably when the chain is under tension. "The bike is extremely efficient and never buckles under pressure. Perfect in a race against the clock especially because the 11,7 kilogramme bike has such a wonderful fleet of foot when sprinting!" However, during marathons the excellent downhill qualities guarantee better handling and faster times. The critical test riders gave the Canyon a major vote of confidence saying, "Led by the Reba-fork at the front the MR whizzes round the corners like grease lightening." "On top of that, the perfectly constructed frame shines with details such as internally routed cables, tapered head tube and Post Mount socket.

Anyone who is looking for a marathon bike which is also great for everyday use will hit the bullseye with the MR: light, efficient, exact handling.

MountainBIKE Kauftipp