Barel heads to the start line one last time // ©Matt Wragg

09-12-2015, CANYON Fabien Barel's CFET Years

The Next Stage

When news hit that Fabien Barel would be stepping back from racing at the end of the 2015 season it came as a shock to many. As a three-time Downhill World Champion, qualified engineer and all-round nice guy, Fabien is a master of many trades, but above all else, he is a competitor.

From the Canyon Factory Enduro Team's beginnings in 2013, Fabien was instrumental in shaping the team’s setup. Since then he has been a constant presence at the front of the Enduro World Series, barring the timeout he had with a broken back in 2014 before launching That Comeback. Away from the track, Fabien contributed all his technical know-how and experience into making the Canyon Strive one of the most advanced bikes on the scene. His R&D input will continue to be vital in his future with Canyon.

Fabien went out at the top of his game with 2nd place in the EWS overall and steering CFET to become 2015 Team World Champions.      

Merci, Fabien!

Onto the next stage…