09-03-2016, CANYON Inside Canyon

Shapeshifter Replacement Units on Their Way

Are you waiting for a replacement Shapeshifter?

We are happy to announce that replacement Shapeshifter units are in stock and we are in the process of sending them to all affected Strive owners. We will have shipped all of the replacements within the next 14 days!

We’d like to thank you for your continued patience and are excited that all Strive owners will be able to take advantage of the innovative performance and versatility Shapeshifter delivers.

Shapeshifter: The Bottom Line

Shapeshifter is an award-winning Canyon innovation of which we are genuinely proud. No other on-the-fly geometry adjustment systems out there are as versatile, nor enable such a profound character shift for climbing and descending as Shapeshifter does on the Strive.

For more info on the Shapeshifter click HERE