Final checks take place at the Canyon.Factory

23-03-2016, CANYON Inside Canyon

From ordering to delivery – how does Canyon work?

How is it that some bikes are directly available and some take a little longer to be shipped? It’s a question we get asked often, but the reasons are simple to explain.

To produce in the most efficient way possible, we build our bikes according to a pre-determined production plan, not according to the orders we receive. That means that all models, even the specific sizes, have their own production slots in the Canyon.Factory throughout the year. The successful execution of this plan depends on accurate and on-time deliveries of parts from our suppliers. Once we have all the parts and components we need, we can go ahead and produce that bike.

The flipside to this approach means that not all models across our range can be produced and sent to you at any given moment. Although our bikes are available exclusively online and sent to you direct from our factory to offer you the fairest deal, Canyon is primarily a manufacturer unlike the majority of online bike retailers.

Two models in the same series may share the exact same frame, but all their other components could be completely different meaning we have to specify a later production slot. This is why our expected shipping dates can vary so much between models. It’s all part of our plan.

One thing is for certain though: we do all we can to get you out and riding your bikes as quickly as possible.