Martyn Ashton crushes on his Sender

13-06-2016, CANYON Learn about the bike used in 'Down Not Out'

Martyn’s E-Go Equipped Canyon Sender

Bike Check: Martyn’s E-Go Equipped Canyon Sender CF

Martyn’s bike was put together over two weeks by the guys at Mojo Suspension. It's a modified downhill version of the Sender CF - with two essential changes.

The obvious custom mod to allow Martyn to ride it is the use of a Tessier sit ski chair that was adapted to fix to a standard mountain bike seatpost in place of a regular saddle. Martyn was strapped into the chair and his feet attached to the crankbrothers pedals.

The second major modification is the addition of an E-Go WRP (World Record Performance) electric motor to power Martyn along. With a reported range of 70km (44 miles) and a top speed of 75km/h (46mph) in engine only mode - with no pedalling - it’s a powerful but essential piece of kit to keep Martyn rolling wherever the trail heads. Martyn used the motor wherever he would normally have put in pedal strokes - to power out of corners, grab a burst of speed, accelerate into take offs, maintain momentum on the flat or rises and so on. The cost? Around a cool $5,170 (US) / £3,590 / €4,560. 

A lot of technical design, engineering and 3D printing work was also carried out by Gareth Jones at Mojo and Tom Wheeler at Not Broken to keep the Tessier ski seat level, to keep the cranks and pedals at the correct angle for Martyn’s feet and to secure the battery mount to the frame.

The Bike

3400 watt, E-Go equipped Canyon Sender CF (size XL) carbon fibre downhill race bike with 200mm (7.8in) of suspension travel, 27.5” wheels and adjustable wheelbase and head angle. The wheelbase was set in the longest setting to 1297mm in length which, when combined with the slackest head angle setting of 62-degrees,  the downhill fork chassis and a high front end bar position, delivered a more stable ride with Martyn sat further back and behind the bars for best handling.

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