Jan Frodeno riding the Speedmax CF SLX. // (c) Ingo Kutsche

08-08-2016, CANYON Speedmax CF SLX Bests the Tests

"It’s Fast!"

European Champion, World Champion and World Record Holder: The successes of the Speedmax CF SLX are second to none and now that the bike is on the market, the journalists have put it to the test.

Find out what they thought!


“The Speedmax makes a big first impression: it’s fast! Our test bike came with an aggressive set-up, so the position was aero and riding to a firm power output we were soon flying along. 25mph came easily. 30mph soon followed. Out of the saddle up a short climb, the frame felt stiff and eager under excited legs, the bar a rigid anchor point to push and pull.” […]

“The Bento box’s slit top gives easy access on the move while keeping your bars secure. Once you get over the initial excitement of riding as fast as possible for the fun of it and settle down, the Speedmax proves very comfortable. The Ergon pads feel like a favourite old sofa and the Fizik Arione K5 saddle is plush. The 25mm rear tyre adds to the frame’s compliance, which is good by tri bike standards.” […]

“We were able to get a great position on the Speedmax, allowing the power to come easily and our legs still felt good after a fast ride. The biggest challenge might be holding yourself back on a bike that just wants to go so fast.”

Handling - 98 %

Spec - 96%

Value - 95%

Comfort - 90 %

Total - 95%

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“It is immediately clear that Canyon will continue to pick up titles with this bike. The Koblenz-based company have delivered a new gold standard in innovation and integration. The cockpit can be called a success in every way and the quality of the ride cannot be faulted.  Control, stiffness, acceleration: In every one of these categories the Speedmax CF SLX shows no weakness. The bike even excels in terms of comfort. The soft arm pads and the material used on the aero bars are especially comfortable. It is an excellent triathlon bike where every detail was considered.”

Adjustability - 4/5

Stability - 5/5

Handling - 4/5

Climbing control - 4/5

Comfort - 3/5

Spec - 5/5

Value - 4/5