11-09-2016, CANYON Always committed, always in front.


To make it as a professional cyclist is one thing, to be a rider capable of shaping a three week Grand Tour is something else entirely. When your time comes, you have to take it. Nairo Quintana showed the tenacity and mettle required of a champion to win the Vuelta a España. Always committed, always in front, he never faltered, just as we never falter in our commitment to support riders everywhere.

Great rivalries define every era in our sport. Each time Nairo Quintana and Chris Froome go head-to-head, there is mutual respect of the other’s capabilities and fireworks out on the road. On three occasions, they have stood on the podium at the Tour de France together, every time Froome placing ahead of Quintana. This Vuelta though, Nairo turned the tables.

It’s rare these days to see the race leader go on the offensive, but when the competition is breathing down your neck, you have to shake things up. Each decision on the road can make or break your race. On an explosive 119 km sprint through the Pyrenees, Quintana and Movistar Team committed to a bold move to isolate Froome and put the red jersey on lockdown. From that point on, Quintana was in control.     

2014 Giro d’Italia, 2016 Vuelta a España. A second Grand Tour triumph for Nairo and Canyon. Our dedication to our riders helps fuel their success. Our attention to detail means they can focus on the road ahead. Our support allows them to achieve their full potential. It doesn’t matter whether you’re racing a Grand Tour or riding the weekend club run, the same rings true for riders everywhere.

Congratulations, Nairo. Here’s to 2017.