10-05-2017, CANYON Giro d'Italia

Rory Sutherland's Giro Journal

Rory Sutherland rides the 100th Giro d'Italia as Nairo Quintana's personal bodyguard in the bunch. It's his job to keep the Movistar Team leader out of trouble at the front of the pack day after day.

What may seem like a fairly straightforward task from a distance through a television screen is anything but for the riders on the ground. Elbows fly, wheels touch, and stress levels remain at boiling point for hours on end, three weeks on the trot. Far removed from the spectacular shots of a technicolor peloton cruising through mountain valleys and along azur coastlines, this is the reality of Grand Tours for the racers themselves.   

Four stages in, Rory provides insight into a hectic start to the Giro 100 on Sardinia and Sicily, following the first real GC test up Mount Etna. So far, it's all going to plan.