14-09-2017, CANYON Red Dot Award Winners

The Design Team of the Year

They say that looks aren’t everything, but we never really understood what that means. How a bike looks is the foundation of how it will ride. Design and performance belong together. It’s not always easy getting the balance right between the two, but getting it right and applying it across all that we do is a challenge we embrace. It’s what makes Canyon Canyon.

The creative spark for every one of our developments comes from our in-house Design Team. This year, that team has been awarded the title “Design Team of the Year” by the renowned jurors at Red Dot. The honour places Canyon alongside iconic design studios and brands, household names like Pininfarina, Apple and Audi. Canyon is the first bike manufacturer ever to be singled out for the award.

“Canyon, like hardly any other manufacturer in the industry, is outstandingly successful in combining their different bicycle types under a singular design and brand language. The form of each bike, whether for the road or for off-road, conveys simplicity, precision and dynamics. The Canyon Design Team is being honoured for its consistently high quality design achievements which are pioneering for the cycling sector and bicycle design.”

Thanks, Red Dot, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.