Liam & Ferg, 2/3 of the Dudes of Hazzard

21-03-2018, CANYON Catching up with Liam and Ferg of The Dudes of Hazzard

2 Dudes. 60 Seconds.

It’s no stretch to say that The Dudes of Hazzard embody the very best of British mountain biking. Watch any of their edits and it’s clear what these boys are about. No matter the season or the conditions thrown up by a notoriously temperamental Scottish climate, they get out there and rail it.

Whether bombing down from Highland summits or sessioning a set of freshly cut turns, the Dudes are proof that the best riding is to be had by making the most of whatever’s on your doorstep. This approach is exactly what the new Spectral was made for, all the days when having the wildest time out on the trails trumps cutting corners to shave milliseconds off a race run.

At a recent get-together, we caught up with Liam and Ferg, 2/3 of the original Dudes line-up, to throw some rapid-fire questions their way.  

60 seconds with Liam 

Favourite bike? 

Strive CF

Favourite place to ride?

Fujiten bike park, Japan - it is a big black ashy volcano you could go exceedingly fast down the side of!

Biggest ever win?

Scottish Enduro Championships

Race most looking forward to this season?



Travis Pastrana 

Pre ride ritual?

Put my contact lenses in 

Post-ride dish?


60 seconds with Fergus 

Favourite bike?

Sender CF

Favourite place to ride?

Nevis Range, Scotland

Biggest ever win?

Scottish DH Championships

Race most looking forward to this season?

Ski-an-duro 50/50 – you ski or board the first half until the snow runs out, then you jump on your bike for the lower half!


Joe Barnes 

Pre-ride ritual?

Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank

Post-ride drink?