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Alex Dowsett breaks the UCI world speed record for a milestone in Canyon history. With the  Speedmax WHR, the time trail specialist had the perfect racing machine at his side to attempt the record.

As Alex Dowsett raises his Speedmax WHR in the air shortly after 2:00 PM in the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, it certainly looks as though the 26-year-old has plenty of energy left. "The first 30 minutes were actually quite easy – in comparison with what I was expected," says Dowsett. "But the last ten minutes were simply horribly difficult."

The Movistar team pro had just set the new UCI world speed record and made cycling history – and for Canyon, the triumph is a new milestone in company history, too.

One Team.

One Goal.

One World Record.

52.937 kilometres in 60 minutes, more than 5800 strokes of the pedal, more than 211 laps around the 250-metre track, with a sustained power of over 400 watts. The perfect hour, the earned success, the absolute will to make it, the conquer of fear – this is why we love this sport.

From the first minute of project "World speed record" until the final siren sounded in the Manchester velodrome, every last detail was designed to one exacting standard: the #PerfectHour. Months of harsh training, the recovery after Alex's fractured clavicle, countless hours on the track and in the wind tunnel to find the perfect bike set-up – it all paid off when Rohan Dennis's record was beat by a solid 446 metres.

But for a time it was not at all clear that Dowsett would make it at all. For just about 50 minutes, the Briton fell behind Dennis's record times, sometimes as far as ten seconds behind the Australian.

One Team.

One Goal.

One Love For The Sport.

But finally, after 179 laps, the display board in the velodrome switched from lag to lead. The crowd cheered Dowsett all the more enthusiastically, carrying him from one best lap time to the next.

"The crowd was fantastic, especially in the last five minutes their excitement really drove me forward again," said the newly made record-holder after the race.

One Team.

One Goal.

One Plan.

Did he also doubt he would break the record? "We had the plan – and I didn't particularly like it – that I would stay behind Dennis's time for about 45 minutes to save energy, so I could pick up the pace in the final quarter-hour."

The plan worked. And then some. His team had to hold him back so he wouldn't overdo it: "I was sometimes a little euphoric," says Dowsett. "But my coaches kept warning me on the radio to keep to the plan. When there were a good ten minutes to go, I could feel that I still had some energy left over, and then I could give it full power. It was like a dream."

As exactly as Dowsett burned his lap times on the wooden oval, so Canyon engineers also worked on the development of the bike in advance of the record attempt, providing Dowsett with the Speedmax WHR – the perfect racing machine for the #PerfectHour. In the end, all the efforts resulted in a colossal cycling party.

THAT was Pure Cycling!

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