30-03-2015, CANYON Aeroad CF SLX: Made for Hard Men

Paolini Prevails at Gent-Wevelgem

Epic. It’s a word used all too often in modern life to describe events barely worthy of the term. However, few could argue that the 2015 edition of Gent-Wevelgem was anything else...

Gale force winds and driving rain mixed in with the usual cocktail of cobbles and bergs to make the race a true classic. As gusts measuring over 90 km/h tore through the peloton riders were blown clean off the road. 200 starters gave way to just 39 at the finish line – a cruel rate of attrition.

At the front, Luca Paolini. One perfectly-timed attack from a select group as the race battled towards its conclusion in Wevelgem was all it took to seal victory after surviving over six hours of Flandrian carnage on the Aeroad CF SLX.

With ripped kit and mud stains serving as proof of earlier crashes, it was the Italian veteran’s racing craft, experience and guile that won out. Performances like Paolini’s are what the classics are all about: pure racing. Being the strongest rider on any given day is one thing, but brains can always outfox brawn. To truly earn victory, you have to be the best.