Aeroad WMN
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Aeroad WMN

Tucked low in the wind and leaning into tight corners, the Aeroad WMN is in a league of its own when it comes to the perfect mix of speed, aerodynamics and handling. Become the fastest version of you!


    Our flagship bikes and frames, built for, and proven by pro athletes of all cycling disciplines. Premium, 'ultra high modulus' carbon fibre frames. Performance driven components (such as carbon wheels and electronic shifting). Incredible weight and watt savings throughout.


    Everything we know about design distilled into an incredible bike collection. Carbon fibre frames with the ideal balance of weight and strength. Trusted, quality components.

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Tiffany Cromwell, CANYON//SRAM Racing "The Aeroad is both a beautiful bike to look at aesthetically and to ride. When you build it up to speed it just flies along the road! It’s super stiff, handles amazing, and is a dream to ride especially when you’re looking for that extra edge against your competitors to achieve your best performance."
  • Built for racing

    Created to compete, the Aeroad WMN is not a bike of compromise. Its visionary design pairs with its light weight, maximal stiffness, surprising comfort and, of course, next-generation aerodynamics to make the Aeroad WMN a bike that’s the clear choice for some of the fastest racers on the planet. Test the pack, dominate the descent and ride faster than you ever thought you could.