How do I calcluate my total order cost in Switzerland?

Swiss VAT

You pay the Swiss VAT on receipt of the goods – together with the customs duties and any import fees – directly to UPS or DHL Freight. Swiss VAT is calculated based on the taxable value of the goods. The taxable value of the goods consists of the costs of the goods, the shipping costs, as well as any customs duties and any import fees. Below you will find an example calculation of all costs.

Shipping costs

We ship non-motorised bikes with UPS, and e-bikes with DHL Freight. The shipping costs are calculated automatically, and displayed as soon as you place the bike in the cart. They amount to CHF 50,97 for bikes, frames and bike boxes, and CHF 20,33 for gear.

All bikes are shipped in our Bikeguard bike box, which is designed to protect your Canyon for shipping. The Bikeguard is also reusable, e.g. when you travel with your bike. The Bikeguard costs CHF 20,33.


Depending on the product and quantity of your order, customs duties may apply when shipping to Switzerland. For further information you can use the XTARES calculator of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration.

The customs duties listed on the website as ‘Normal’ apply.

Disbursement charges

UPS imposes a disbursement charge for delivering the goods. This amounts to 2.5% of the import duties, with a minimum charge of CHF 21.50.

Example Calculation

Costs breakdown Costs to Canyon (CHF) Costs to UPS (CHF)
Order value excl. VAT 1.856,08
Shipping 50,97
Bike Guard 20,33
Customs 12,00
Disbursement charges 21,50
VAT (7,7%) 150,99
Total 1.927,38 184,49