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A clear, unobstructed field of vision is vital for both performance and safety when riding your bike. Our collection of eyewear comes from the very best brands and ensures, whatever your ride style, you'll see the path ahead.

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Cycling glasses and MTB goggles

Better visibility on the road or on the trails means increased safety and greater performance. Our top brand cycling glasses complete your look.

Cycling glasses for to help you see clearly while cycling

A well-fitting pair of cycling glasses is essential equipment for cycling. They also provide good service on the way to work or on cycling trips with the family. At Canyon, you'll find a hand-picked selection of stylish and functional cycling glasses from top brands.

What makes a good pair of cycling glasses?

Cycling glasses protect the eyes from rain, dust, flying stones, wind and UV rays. This prevents irritation and injuries. In addition, they provide clear vision in all lighting conditions. A good pair of glasses has a large field of vision and should be comfortable. They should not slip or pinch while riding.

The lenses are important!

The most important part of cycling glasses are the lenses. In sports glasses, these are made of plastic, usually polycarbonate. The material is lightweight, scratch-resistant, shatterproof and does not splinter. So, in the event of a fall, the glasses do not pose a danger to the eyes.

There are different types of finishes:

  • Self-tinting or photochromic lenses react to sunlight through photoactive molecules. Depending on the intensity of the light, the lenses lighten or darken - practical for tours that last until evening. However, self-tinting lenses require a certain reaction time. Glasses with interchangeable lenses are better suited for quickly changing lighting conditions.
  • Polarised lenses reduce annoying reflections. They are the ideal companions for rides near water or in snowy areas.
  • Contrast-enhancing lenses help you see obstacles despite the lighting conditions. Lenses with an orange tint balance out green and blue tones. They are particularly suitable for off-road rides with mountain bikes, e-MTBs or gravel bikes. Grey lenses provide subtle darkening. They are the perfect all-rounders for city and hybrid bike trips or e-bike trips. For fast rides with road bikes, there are special cycling glasses that selectively enhance grey tones.

Cycling glasses also differ according to the amount of light they absorb. Classic cycling sunglasses have a light absorption between 57 and 82%.

Cycling glasses with prescription

Glasses-wearers have the choice between direct glazing or clip-in models. With the latter, additional lenses in the required prescription are clamped behind the cycling glasses.

How should cycling glasses fit?

Whether it's a classic design or sports style, only when the glasses fit properly can they perform their task reliably. The frame, temples and lenses must fit both your head circumference and your face shape. Ideally, the cycling glasses should fit snugly to the head without pinching. Your eyelashes should not touch the lenses. Many models have adjustable temples and nose pads.

Throw on a cycling helmet and the appropriate cycling clothing and you’re ready to go. At Canyon, you'll find everything you need for your next ride. Click through our large selection of high-quality cycling accessories!

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