Bigger is better. With their extra-wide tyres, fat bikes let you take on trails and go to places that would simply be inaccessible with a normal bike.

Canyon Fat Bikes

Ready for any terrain

Fat Bikes provide a totally new and unique riding experience. Their extremely wide tyres give you more than enough traction over any terrain: even snow, sand and loose gravel are easy work for these machines.

Those all-terrain abilities combine with a modern geometry, to make Fat Bikes the ideal choice for your next adventure – from a day out on the trails, to bikepacking trips in the wild.
Canyon Fat Bikes

A new chapter

With their wide tyres, Fat Bikes were originally designed for riding in extreme conditions, such as on snow and sand. However, thanks to their high levels of traction and comfort, Fat Bikes have built up a loyal fan base amongst adventure-hungry trail riders.

The monster trucks of the cycling world, these bikes let you keep pedalling where normally you’d have to get off and push.
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Must-haves for fat bikes

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Fat bike

A fat bike promises maximum grip, reliability and superior rider comfort over any terrain. Do you crave adventure on the most challenging trails? Depend on your Canyon fat bike.

What is a fat bike?

Fat bikes are so much more than merely eye-catching. The premise behind them is simple but ambitious: a bike designed to master any surface or terrain imaginable.

When compared to your traditional mountain bike , it is easy to see the differences. Fat bikes have significantly wider tyres to improve grip and stability over trickier surfaces. This means that fat bikes can push the boundaries of accessibility even further than your traditional MTB.

To accommodate these larger tyres, a wider frame is needed, as well as a special fork and a crank with a wider bottom bracket.

Another major advantage of the fat bike over other mountain bikes is that a comfortable ride is possible even without suspension: the lower air-pressure of fat bike tyres often provides sufficient cushioning. That means, with a fat bike, you have a choice to make: suspension forks or rigid forks. Suspension forks offer additional control and safety. However, rigid forks allow for a reduced overall weight.

What are fat tyre bikes designed for?

No other bike is comparable when it comes to terrain flexibility. The extra-wide tyres ensure maximum traction and stability on any surface type. Originally designed for the most extreme of conditions, a fat bike is perfectly at home on snow and ice slopes, mud tracks and even sand. Fat bikes are also suitable for the most demanding uphill and downhill trails.

You will be thankful for that added tyre volume when it comes to tackling soft and uneven terrain. A balanced weight distribution ensures additional grip and comfort on descents, through tight corners, and up the steepest inclines.

Are fat tyre bikes harder to pedal?

Fat tyre bikes offer fantastic grip on loose or uneven surfaces, as well as a comfortable riding experience thanks to improved shock and vibration absorption.

However, the larger tyre size means that a fat bike is typically slightly heavier than a comparable MTB. The lower tyre pressure, while ideal for more challenging terrain, can also make them slightly harder to pedal.

That being said, peddling a fat bike is not significantly tougher than other mountain bikes. The additional traction, comfort and control offered by the wider tyres are often worth any trade-off, especially when taking your adventures offroad.

What wheel sizes are available?

The standard wheel size featured on our Canyon fat bikes is 27.5 inches. This is paired with MAXXIS Minion 3.8" fat bike tyres for the perfect balance of speed and size.

However, the variable rear dropouts allow for maximum versatility when it comes to choosing your tyre size and width. Swap out your standard fat bike wheels for 26" wheels and an impressive 4.8" wide tyre. Or go bigger with 29" wheels and 3" tyres. No matter the adventure, you can ensure you have the perfect tyres.

Dude: The Fat Bike by Canyon

From the road to the trail, up the snowy peaks and down the sand dunes – the Canyon ‘Dude’ Fat Bike knows no limits.

Features at a glance

  • Lightweight carbon frame
  • MAXXIS Minion tyres for maximum grip
  • Carbon forks for precise and direct steering
  • Variable rear dropouts for different wheel sizes

Buy a Fat Bike online

Order your bicycle online at Canyon and benefit from our 6-year-guarantee, 30-day returns policy and 24/7 support. Since Canyon does without 3rd-party distributors and intermediaries, you are guaranteed unbeatable value for money. Your new bike will arrive 95% pre-assembled and — with our step-by-step instructions and all tools included — you will be embarking on your latest adventure in no time at all.

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