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Rediscover your city

Riding allows us to discover our surroundings from a new perspective. Whether commuting in the morning or meeting friends in the evening, using two wheels changes how we interact with our environment. Free from set departure times and traffic jams, urban mobility finally becomes an experience to enjoy. All Canyon Urban and Commuter bikes combine practicality, performance and modern design like nothing else out there. Wherever you’re heading, arrive in style.

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Rethink Urban Mobility

Lifestyle is no longer judged by shiny bodywork or big engines. Riding a bike is the very definition of modern style and progression. It makes a bold statement. Nobody switches to riding because they have to, they do it because they can.


Our Urban and Commuter bikes are designed for style but built to perform.Their low weight and agile geometries result in a nimble ride perfect for negotiating the city streets, while narrow handlebars help you slip through tight gaps. Own the road.

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