03/03/2016, CANYON Inside Canyon

There When You Need Us

We have renewed our commitment to not only build the best bikes, but to also provide outstanding service. That means we will be there for you as a direct contact whenever you need us. We know that in the past you have had to wait too long to get the answers or help you were looking for. To turn this around, we employed a host of new staff to reinforce our Service Team. This has already had a dramatic effect on our ability to quickly and comprehensively deal with any questions or issues you have. Across all channels – phone, email, or our Chat tool, we are here for you.

Our Chat tool is proving especially effective. Through technical updates in our system, we are now able to deal with multiple requests at any one time to meet your needs. As such, you get the answers you are looking for faster and we get to respond to more customers further eliminating wait times. Throughout February, we answered 87% of all Chat enquiries and expect to see that number improve even further.

So, if you have any questions, Chat with us! Simply go to our homepage and click on the top bar to start your Chat session. We are available Monday-Friday, 08:00-19:00.