World Record! Frodeno wins in Roth with 7:35:39 // Photo: © Ingo Kutsche


Frodeno Smashes Long Distance World Record

7 hours, 35 minutes and 39 seconds, on Sunday at the Challenge Roth Jan Frodeno made triathlon history by destroying the previous long distance world record. Eclipsing the 2011 mark set by Andreas Raelert by an incredible margin of nearly six minutes, the German triathlete led through nearly the entire 226 km course in a breathtaking performance between him and the clock. Adding the world record to his 2008 Olympic gold medal and 2015 World Championship titles at both the short and long distances, the 34-year-old Frodeno asserted his dominance over the sport of triathlon.

“I am incredibly happy that I got the record and just thankful that I didn’t break”, said Frodeno after the race, “but there wasn’t any other option except to risk it all and give everything I had. The time should hold for the next two or three years.”

#Project740: Take a Look Behind the Scenes of Frodeno's World Record Performance

The Fastest Bike

Finishing the swim in first place in a time of 45:22, Frodeno quickly went to work defending his reputation as pre-race favorite and laid the foundation for his incredible wire-to-wire victory. During the bike ride, the Hawaii champion demonstrated his superiority with a 4:08:07 clocking that would remain the fastest bike split of the day. The deal was sealed in the final leg as Frodeno ran the marathon in a blistering 2:39:18 which brought him in a staggering 20 minutes ahead of the second place finisher. “The last kilometer of the marathon the pain was unbelievable, but the feeling at the finish of getting the world record was worth it.”

Video: Speedmax CF SLX. System Complete. 

Shaving Seconds with the Speedmax CF SLX

In an assault on a world record every second counts, so the engineers at Canyon wanted to make sure that Frodeno’s Speedmax CF SLX was up to the challenge. The handlebars were designed specifically for this race to place the World Champion in an extra aerodynamic position that would encourage him to shave seconds. A new hydration system was also created specifically to the triathlete’s preferences as well as custom tires which were made to have the least possible amount of rolling resistance and best possible aerodynamics in side winds. Every piece of the setup, from Frodeno’s position on the bike to his hydration system, helmet and speed suit, were all newly optimized through rigorous wind tunnel testing.

Speedmax CF SLX – Learn More About the World Record Bike

Frommhold and Kastelein Round Out the Top 5

The day was a major success for Canyon triathletes as Nils Frommhold and Nick Kastelein produced strong performances and rounded out the top five. Last year’s winner, Frommhold dipped under the eight hour barrier with a scorching 7:57:49 clocking to nab the last step on the podium. For most of the race, the 29-year-old seemed to be on course for silver until he was overtaken by Britain’s Joe Skipper in the final stretches of the run. “I risked everything and gave the race everything I had” said Frommhold, “but to be overtaken at kilometer 41 like that still hurts a little.” In his first ever attempt at the distance Frodeno’s training partner, Nick Kastelein, finished fifth, coming in at 8:05:03, one of the fastest ever debuts at the long distance.

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