30/10/2014, CANYON Canyon Factory Freeride Team

The Peter Henke Interview

Peter Henke, Partyhenke, or just Pete. Whatever you want to call him, we caught up with Germany’s most exciting freeride talent as he was passing by Canyon.Home on his way to the south of France for a shoot. After a few setbacks in his first year with the Canyon Factory Freeride Team setup due to injuries, Pete is motivated to keep going bigger in 2015.

We sat him down to find out what’s going on in his life right now:

What plans have you got this winter? Do you take a break or keep on riding? What about preparations for next year, are you going to escape winter in Germany to get some riding done?

Winter is great because you get some time to chill out after the season is over and the chance to reflect on everything that happened. But you can’t lose sight of the next season, I still have to train and learn new tricks to keep up with the other guys out there. I’m going to head to my teammate Thomas Genon’s place in the south of France and also visit my buddy Sherwy who lives in Spain so I can get some riding in away from German winter, I want to spend at least a bit of time riding in the sun!

What bike are you taking with you down to France then?

I’ve got my Torque DHX with me, which is why I’m here today actually. I gave it to the guys to get the drivetrain working nice and slick, it’s great being able to just come over whenever I need anything.

Tell us a bit about your other bike. Have you done anything special to your Stitched?

Man I love that bike! There’s nothing more you could want from it. The only difference between mine and the production version is the paintjob. There’s definitely some exciting stuff in store for the Stitched, but I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say about it all right now…

Tell us a bit about the bag jump you’ve got, how did that come about? Do you just leave it outside all winter?

My practice jumps back home are all outside and because winter in Germany is always wet we ruled out building a foam pit because we’d have to wait till July until it got dry. That’s why we got the bag jump in. To begin with I didn’t like using it that much because the impacts were so hard but now we’ve got the air pressure just right so you get a soft landing every time without getting hurt. I can judge if I’m able to land a trick on real jumps because when you land cleanly you always roll a bit further into the airbag. That way I can tell if I’m ready to hit something for real or if I need to keep on practising. I need to thank my sponsors because they’ve made it possible for me to build my dream spot at home.

What’s the plan for 2015? Is anything fixed yet? What are you going to target next year?

I’m not going to do as many contests early on in the year. I’ve got a couple of big film projects lined up which are going to take up a lot of time so I want to commit to those, but I don’t want to give too much away just yet. We’ve got loads of backing from the sponsors so they’re going to be pretty awesome… I’ll be back doing contests again in May, but I’ve done so many over the last couple of years so it will be cool to have the chance to do some other projects, just not right in the middle of the season though. Going on roadtrips, travelling with my team and getting some filming done, that’s what I look forward to the most, being able to see the world a little beyond the same contests each year. Now I have the chance to do that so I really want to make the most of it.

What’s it like working with Canyon? Is it what you expected?

I’ve never worked so closely with a sponsor as I have with Canyon. It doesn’t matter what kind of crazy ideas or suggestions we have in the team, they always listen and try to work something out with us. I’ve only got to drive for 40 minutes to get here which is perfect as I can just drop by if I ever need anything. Just like today, I had a problem with my mech hanger so came over here and the guys got it sorted right away. That really says a lot about the company, so thanks!