17/11/2014, CANYON 2014 PODIUM MOMENTS

CFET WEEK: Joe Barnes

All Dudes of Hazzard fans already know that Joe isn't one to take himself too seriously (just watch the videos). Whether on the road with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team or cruising the Highlands in the Landship III, Joe, aka Top Chief, won't pass up an opportuity to get a bit wild. When it comes to racing though, he's fully committed. 2014 has been a breakthrough year for the Scot after taking his first ever EWS podium at his home race in Tweedlove, backed up by another 3rd place result at Round 4 in La Thuille. When tracks get tight and technical, few riders in the world can keep up with the Chief. This year he battled to an impressive 7th in the overall rankings. The way his performances keep going, 2015 is going to be huge for Joe, both on and off the trails.

Read on for his top 3s from 2014!

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Top 3 stops during EWS 2014

1. Scotland had the best trails and locals cheering everyone on. It’s my home country as well so I might be a bit biased…

2. La Thuille in Italy had some of the best singletrack of the year and the wild conditions made for some tough but fun racing.

3. Finale was the ideal end to the season and a swim in the sea to finish was perfect.

Top 3 moments during EWS 2014

1. My first EWS podium in Scotland was a special one. 

2. Finding my pace in La Thuile on the longest and most brutal stage of the weekend to take the stage win by over 10 seconds. 

3. The excitement of finishing this season so strong and looking forward to the next.

Top 3 scariest moments during EWS 2014

1. Knowing you have to get up so early to start each race day.

2. The sand tracks in Chile were pretty unpredictable to ride and really high speed.

3. Making the transition times in Whistler.

Top 3 things to have in your suitcase in 2014

1. Camera.

2. Fish eye lens. 

3. Laptop for editing the Dudes of Hazzard Movie.

Top 3 meals you had in 2014

1. Mashed potatoes, fish fingers and peas.

2. Mashed potatoes, baked beans and eggs.

3. Mashed potatoes, tuna and fried veg. All cooked in the Landship.

Top 3 things you had to drink in 2014

1. Scottish tap water. So sweet and delicious.

2. Irn bru as a post-race treat.

3. 3 day old water from my Ergon bladder.

Top 3 landscapes during EWS 2014

1. The landscape in Chile was unreal and when we visited in autumn the colours were incredible.

2. Whistler is stunning, it always feels like there’s an untouched wilderness not too far away.

3. The strange feeling of being over 3000m in America but only surrounded by small and rolling hills.

Top 3 things you can’t wait to happen in 2015

1. The first round of the EWS in New Zealand.

2. Spending some time in Ireland with the comedy Irish. 

3. Galloping down some big mountains on my bike.

Top 3 places you want to go in 2015

1. Iceland.

2. Ireland.

3. Wherever the wind takes me.