21/11/2014, CANYON 2014 Podium Moments

CFET WEEK: Flo Goral

In the Enduro World Series you can’t just rock up on race day, pick up a number plate and go race. The organisation that goes on behind the scenes is huge and it’s Flo’s job to make sure that it all runs without a hitch. Sorting travel plans, making sure all equipment turns up in the right place, taking care of the riders so they are ready to race and being at their side in hospital if something goes wrong is all just a fraction of what he does. Flo has to keep an eye on all CFET goings on and deploys all his German efficiency so that no detail gets left behind. If he’s lucky he gets a bit of time to ride himself. This year he wore the CFET jersey to race Trans-Provence and came 40th out of 80 riders, finishing in the top half of the field. Just...

Here are his top 3s from managing CFET during the 2014 season!

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Top 3 stops during EWS 2014

1. Tweedlove Festival, Scotland.

2. SuperEnduro Finale Ligure, Italy.

3. Enduro Series Valloire, France.

Top 3 moments during EWS 2014

1. Joe coming 3rd in La Thuile, Italy. He was just four seconds off the win.

2. Fabien’s comeback win in Finale Ligure and coming first in the team rankings at that race.

3. Sipping beer on the beach at the end of the race in Finale Ligure.

Top 3 scariest moments during EWS 2014

1 .Fabien’s crash in Chile.

2. Seeing the bill for excess baggage in Canada.

3. Driving on the left in Scotland.

Top 3 things to have in your suitcase in 2014

1. Bose noise-cancelling headphones.

2. Compression socks.

3. Fox trucker hat.

Top 3 apps on your phone in 2014

1. The CFET App, of course!

2. Weather Pro.

3. Fotor.

Top 3 cities you visited in 2014

1. Vancouver.

2. Santiago de Chile.

3. Valloire, France.

Top 3 meals you had in 2014

1. Sushi in Whistler.

2. The salmon we ate at Fabien’s place.

3. Fish and chips.

Top 3 things you had to drink in 2014

1. Irn Bru!

2. Red Bull after finishing Trans-Provence.

3. Water...

Top 3 landscapes during EWS 2014

1. “Top of the World” in Whistler.

2. Ski La Parva in Chile.

3. The waterfalls in La Thuile. 

Top 3 things you definitely want to repeat in 2015

1. Win more EWS races.

2. Ride some of the stages with the team.

3. Eat sushi again in Whistler.

Top 3 things you can’t wait to happen in 2015

1. Winning an EWS race.

2. Pulling on the new team jersey.

3. Flying to the first training camp.

 Top 3 places you want to go in 2015

1. New Zealand.

2. Whistler.

3. County Wicklow in Ireland.