Boris Stein hits the boards. // © Saron Duchardt |

03/10/2016, TRIATHLON Getting Aero With Boris Stein and Patrick Lange

On Track For Ironman Hawaii

How much energy do you use up when riding to overcome air resistance? It's probably a lot more than you think. Try 80%. Or even more depending on how fast you are. If you're facing a 180 km bike leg in an Ironman, investing the time and effort to perfect your aerodynamic position is no bad idea. We joined Boris Stein and Patrick Lange, two of our athletes with tickets to Kona, on the track to undergo cutting-edge testing procedures and get every possible advantage on the bike before the big day arrives.

To achieve the best aerodynamics, two factors stand out above all others. The first, making rider, bike and components as aerodynamically efficient as possible. The second, getting the rider into a position that is powerful, stable and comfortable. Finding the right balance is essential, an extreme aero position is no use if the rider can't hold it for 180 km, let alone run a marathon afterwards. That's why we teamed up with the experts from STAPS and gebioMized on the track the get the best of aerodynamics and biometrics from our athletes.

Check out our slideshow to follow the test.