// Photo: RTI Sports

27/06/2017, CANYON XCM World Championships 2017

GOAT: Lakata Ties Sauser with Third World Championship Title

It is always a stretch to call Alban Lakata an underdog. Since his first win in 2010, Lakata has seldom found himself off of the podium. However, after a rocky start to his season, there was a clear weak spot in the Albanator’s armour. A weak spot that one of the strongest fields in the race’s 15-year history would undoubtedly try to exploit.

But as Lakata kicked away from defending champion Tiago Ferreira in the final meters of the race, there was no weakness visible. Powering through the line on his custom Exceed CF SLX, adorned with the colours of his nation’s banner, the Austrian took home his third World Championship win and tied Christoph Sauser’s record for most-ever World titles.

"Three times World Champion, that's a dream," said Lakata, who was also celebrating his 38th birthday. "Today I will celebrate hard, that's for sure. I knew, [that] when I am racing completely focused, I can take it."

With Alban’s help, the Exceed now has its second World Championship title. Learn more about the champ’s bike here.

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