Pauline and her Lux CF SLX

24/10/2018, PROSPORTS Pauline Ferrand-Prévot from Canyon//SRAM Racing

5 Questions

The charismatic Frenchwoman visited us today at our Canyon.Home in Koblenz, Germany. In a short interview she answered our questions about the past season and her plans for the future.


1. Looking back at the 2018 season, what was your most impressive moment?

"Definitely the XCO World Cup in La Bresse! Racing in my home country and also having my partner Julien Absalon, who comes from this area, at the event was great. There were a lot of people who came out in support of me. Of course, that meant a lot of pressure, but I was absolutely willing to give it my all! I wasn't 100% fit, still I was able to finish fourth, so I was really happy with the results. It certainly was the highlight of the year for me."


2. What was the most fun for you in 2018? Road, MTB or cyclocross?

"I think cyclocross. I didn't do any of that the previous two years and I was a bit nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect. However, I came in fourth at my first outing and could grab a win the following weekend! That gave me great confidence heading into the World Cup. Unfortunately, I ended up crashing with Jolanda. But, yes, I enjoyed cross a great deal and I’m looking forward to the upcoming season."


3. Looking ahead, which is the highest goal you’ve set for 2019?

"My ultimate goal is to win gold in cross-country at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. That's why the 2019 season will be strongly geared towards this particular discipline - more cyclocross in winter, then MTB over the summer. Of course, I'll continue to race on the road, but that's more of a preparation. My focus is definitely on mountain biking."


4. How about apart from the sport? What are you looking forward to most in 2019?

[smiles] "Well, Julien asked me to marry him just last week, we are engaged! The wedding isn't planned until after the Olympics, but of course that will still be a big topic for next year."


5. Speaking of the 2020 Olympics, will you focus on XCO exclusively?

"Yes, absolutely. The road race is only two days before the mountain bike race and that's just too close together. For the London and the Rio Olympics I started in both races and that didn't work out too well. Tokyo is a new approach and I’m definitely shooting for the gold medal!"

Check out Pauline’s go-to weapon for the upcoming season and the 2020 Olympic Games, the Lux.