Photo: Dennis Gross

10/01/2019, CANYON Training by the Baltic Sea, in the Harburg Hills, and in the Sachsenwald

Cycling in Hamburg

Alex is a triathlete who lives and trains in Hamburg. In this interview, he talks about the freedom he feels when riding, and what his typical training weeks look like.


Cycling in Hamburg encapsulates pretty much anything from “Help! I’m getting run over!” to “This is absolutely stunning…”

When I leave the city behind, I have a really varied choice of routes – typically I ride on the dike, in the Sachsenwald forest, in the Harburg Hills, around the port, or in the summer, to the Baltic Sea.

The dike is great for riding intervals, and the Baltic is fantastic for open water swimming sessions.

My training

Why do I train?

I exercise because I love it. There’s just nothing better than being outside!

If I didn’t love every second of it, I just wouldn’t be motivated to suffer for it the way I do.

I feel the greatest sense of freedom when I’m out on the bike.

Effective training, that’s what I like. It’s great to see how you can always make little improvements.

I have a coach, and we define my goals together – anything from improving my FTP values and bettering my swimming or running times to targeting a certain result at a race.

I also work on my weaknesses with him.

On Mondays, I normally start with week with swimming or resistance training. Afterwards, I go to work, and when I’m done, I get back to training again. I always train two to three times a day.

In total, I aim to train between 15 and 20 hours a week. I spend most of that time on the bike.

I stick pretty strictly to my training plan.

Alongside a full-time job, it takes up a lot of my free time – I spend pretty much my whole week working and training. And to be honest, it’s exactly what I want to do. My training sessions are my me time, and I just love it. Well, most of the time – at least after I’m finished.

On the bike I like short, intense sessions best. In winter, this means indoor cycling almost every day. It gives me a lot of flexibility in doing my bike training, which I really appreciate. Of course it's different from riding outside, but I've gotten used to it.

Sorry, but my lunch break is over.

See you later.