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Dowsett Rides The #PerfectHour On The Speedmax WHR

When Alex Dowsett finally came to a stop and defiantly raised his Speedmax WHRabove his head, he did not look like a man who had just completed, and passed, one of the most gruelling tests in cycling. "The first 30 minutes I’m not going to lie were easy. Easier compared to what I expected," Dowsett reflected. "I just had to stay disciplined because the last 10 minutes were a little grippy."

The Movistar Team rider had just ridden his way into the history books. Covering 52.932 kilometres in 60 minutes, Dowsett had smashed the UCI Hour Record. With him all the way, the bike he needed to do the job: the Speedmax WHR.This was one of the biggest perfromances ever carried out by a Canyon rider. As a manufacturer that prides itself on innovation and providing the very best for our athletes, it hardly gets any better.  

One Team. One Goal. One World Record.

52.937 kilometres in 60 minutes. Over 5800 pedal strokes. More than 211 laps around the 250-metre Machester Velodrome. A sustained power output north of 400 watts. Broken down, that's what it took for Dowsett to break the UCI Hour Record. These raw figures do not do justice to the overall effort required. There was more to it than just watts and cadence. Without the passion and hours of dedication of everyone involved in the #PerfectHour, none of those figures would have been possible.

Perfection. That was the target for every single element. The perfect rider. The perfect setup. The perfect bike. The perfect plan. Months of hard training, the recovery after Dowsett's broken collarbone, countless hours on track and in the wind tunnel – it all paid off. Dowsett beat the previous record set by Rohan Dennis by an emphatic 446 metres.

One successful record attempt does not mean that the Speedmax WHRwill be retired and put on display in a museum. New challengers will come to attack the UCI Hour Record and if they succeed, Dowsett will be back on the boards and ready to defend his title. For now, however, we are proud to be a part of the team that lays claim to the most prestigious record in our sport. The #PerfectHour has passed.

Chapeau, Alex!

Pure Cycling.