Mandatory marking of your Canyon bike.

To allow the return of stolen bicycles to their owners by the gendarmerie, and to fight against receiving stolen goods and illegal resale.

What is bike marking?

According to the Article L1271-2 and L1271-5 of the French transports Code, the marking of a new bike is mandatory on the French territory since January 01st 2021. The State has applied a tolerance of 3 months to implement this device 01 April 2021. The marking for ALL bicycles will be mandatory from 01st July 2021.

The marking consists in stickering on the frame of the bicycles a single use number and standardized, referenced in a national file (FNUCI) accessible online:

Mandatory marking of your Canyon bike.

How will my Canyon bike be marked?

When you buy on, the sticker is automatically put in the basket and our factory will put it on your frame before shipping your bike, usually located at the top tube.

How much does bike marking cost?

The price for the sticker is 9,90€ which will be added to the total cost of your bike and shipping.

Mandatory marking of your Canyon bike.

Can I remove the marking?

No, this is a non-removable sticker that cannot be removed. This marking is mandatory and allows its reference in a national file to fight against theft.

How do I register my bike?

When you place your order, Canyon will attach the sticker to the horizontal tube of your bike and automatically register you in the Fichier National Unique des Cycles Identifiés (FNUCI).

Following this operation, the BICYCODE marking is activated and allows you to have your bike returned in case of theft.

You will receive for this purpose, a Bicycle Passport which will be used to connect you on the national file in order to change the owner in case of return 30 days or for the resale of your bicycle.

What is the Bicycode passport?

The passport is an essential part of the BICYCODE service. It is a proof of ownership of your bike. It contains the password to register your bike and the instructions for using the service. It will be delivered with your Canyon bike and passed on to the new owner in the event of sale or session of the bicycle. This passport must be carefully kept.

In case of loss, go to the operator who marked the bike with a photo of the bike, its invoice and an ID. Otherwise, you can send a letter to the FUB headquarters at the following address:

FUB - 12 rue Finkmatt - 67000 STRASBOURG.

This letter must contain the following documents:

  • your written request for a duplicate with the BICYCODE® number concerned
  • the purchase invoice of the bicycle. If your bike is a second-hand bike, then at least a written deed of sale or transfer must be established by the former owner. If necessary, download the attached model.
  • a photocopy of your ID card
  • a stamped envelope with your name and address, in order to be able to return the duplicate to you

If you can’t make a duplicate, note at least your BICYCODE® number marked on the bike to be able to mention it in your complaint in case of theft.

How do I transfer my bike to a new owner?

Please make sure to send the "Bicycle Passport", proof of ownership of the bicycle, which contains the identifiers allowing you to register, to the new customer. If the passport gets lost, please refer to the FAQ "What is the Bicycle Passport?

The new customer will then need to re-register the bike as if it had never been registered before. Need help? Check out the BICYCODE FAQ:

In case of sale to a third party, the buyer of a used bike, if the transfer of ownership is not done, could be accused of receiving stolen goods.

I want to return my bike to Canyon within 30 days of purchase.

All you have to do is go to the website of the Fichier National Unique des Cycles Identifiés (FNUCI) and identify yourself as the non-owner of the bike so that Canyon can be listed as the owner of the bike again and then continue with the classic bike exchange procedure at

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