Infinite possibilities. Amazing versatility. The Grail feels like a road bike on asphalt – while offering supreme comfort and control on gravel.

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Canyon Grail
Canyon Grail
Canyon Grail
Canyon Grail

All Hail the Holy Grail

It’s not all about sunshine and tan lines. If you need a bike that can carry you through all seasons, the Grail is what you’re after. This is our all-weather, all-conditions, all-surfaces road and gravel bike, ideally balanced for stress-free winter miles and summer smiles alike.
Canyon Grail CF SLX
Grail CF SLX
Our lightest, fastest gravel bike is perfect for your on- or off-road solo training sessions or after-work escapes.
Canyon Grail CF SL
Grail CF SL
This gravel bike offers the perfect balance of comfort, versatility, affordability and lightness for exploring new routes with your friends on the weekend.
Canyon Grail AL
Grail AL
Our most affordable Grail is a trusty partner for your daily commute year-round and offers the same balanced geometry as our CF SLX flagship models.
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