Road bikes with electronic gear shift

Road bikes with electronic gear shift

Ready to shift gears with rapid clicks and start sprinting at lightning speed? Electronic gears increase your performance on a road bike. Many riders have been won over by the easy and silent gear changes they provide. Discover our road bikes with electronic gears.

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    • Color: Alpecin-Deceuninck Replica
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    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9250, 12-speed, DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut
    8,549 US$
    • Color: CFR Stealth
    Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9250, 12-speed, DT Swiss PRC 1100 Dicut Mon Chasseral
    9,299 US$
    • Color: Black Snow
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8150, 12-speed, DT Swiss ARC 1600
    4,649 US$
    • Color: Space Blue
    Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8150, 12-speed, DT Swiss ERC 1400 Dicut
    4,849 US$
    • Color: Gold Oranje
    Shimano RD-RX815, DT Swiss CRC 1400 Spline
    3,909 US$
    4,649 US$
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How do electronic gears work on a road bike?

To understand how electronic gears work on road bikes, it helps to learn how mechanical gears work. Mechanical gears work with the aid of steel, braided cables. You change gears – by moving a lever on the left or right side of your handlebars to change gears on the front or rear derailleur. Depending on the direction you push, this either tightens or releases the cable by a set amount. The derailleur moves to direct the chain to the adjacent cog on the cassette.

In contrast to mechanical gears, electric gears don’t require a cable at all, and instead use electronic impulses. To electronically change gear, you tap a lever which sends an electronic signal, via Bluetooth to the derailleur.

The advantages of electronic gears

  • The shifting process is more precise and much faster with electronic gears than it is with mechanical gears. Electronic pulses are sent to the front and rear derailleurs in split seconds
  • You can change gears with just one tap. This makes it more comfortable to switch which is particularly useful when your fingers feel numb in colder weather.
  • Gear shift settings can be adapted easily via an app. You can decide on the shifting speed and configure the shifting buttons to your personal preference.
  • The lack of cable routing is not just aesthetically pleasing. The cables on mechanical shifts wear out with time and therefore require maintenance or replacement. This is not the case with electronic gears.
  • The faster transition between gears allows for better acceleration.
  • The electronic shifting system automatically controls the ideal chain line. Switching to a chainring or 12-speed cassette is easy. There is also less chain wear if you accidentally run the chain too diagonally.
  • You don’t need to make readjustments to electronic gears over time, you can ‘set and forget’.

Do I need a road bike with electronic gears?

A road bike with electronic gears increases your performance through faster shifting and increased reliability over cables that can stretch. Ride with state-of-the-art technology.

Switching to a road bike with an electronic groupset is recommended for endurance athletes with an affinity for technology. A professional set-up means you’re not limited by your equipment, whether you’re racing, touring, or just enjoying after work rides with friends.

Which electronic groupsets are there?

Electronic groupsets typically cost more than their mechanical counterparts. The three best known manufacturers of electronic gears for road bikes are SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo. These are their current groupsets:

  • SRAM. Electronic gears by SRAM define state-of-the-art technology with optional power meters and 12 gears. Gear changes are processed via SRAM’s own proprietary network. Professionals opt for the top-of-the-range RED eTap AXS. Amateurs and hobby athletes are well served by the more affordable Rival eTap AXS or Force eTap AXS. The main differences are the weight and materials used.
  • Shimano. With their GRX Di2, Ultegra Di2, Dura Ace Di2, and 105 Di2 models, Shimano is a pioneer in the area of electronic gears for road bikes. Unlike SRAM, Shimano’s derailleurs receive their electronic signal through wires. This means you are limited in the positioning of the Di2 components. However, the Ultegra Di2 has been tried and tested a million times over and is extremely reliable. The Shimano Dura Ace Di2 weighs less and sets the bar for premier league electronic shifting.
  • Campagnolo. The company offers a truly luxury groupset for the discerning cyclist with its Super Record EPS motor and extensive use of carbon fibre. Highlights include effortless action and an unparalleled lever feel.

Which road bike is right for me?

Whether it’s a road bike, triathlon bike or cyclocross: Canyon can provide the right bike, with electronic gears for every discipline. Our bikes are characterised by comfort, aerodynamics, and high-quality workmanship.

Our Aero road bike with electronic gears is well-suited to ambitious racers. The geometry of the frame creates perfect aerodynamics, saving you crucial seconds when racing. Our Endurance bike provides the benefit of comfort on long rides, and additional flexibility should you fancy taking a detour over gravel. The Canyon Ultimate combines the benefits of Endurace and Aero. You will be ready for any terrain with the easy setup and sports seating position.

Every component of our super successful competition bikes combine to provide the winning formula for cyclocross and triathlons. Electronic gears give you an additional advantage over the competition.

Why choose a Canyon road bike with electronic gears?

No disadvantages, only advantages − by cutting out distributors, sales partners and buying online, you can save on your new bike. The value for money is outstanding.

  • Our payment and financing options give you flexibility when ordering your bike. The Canyon Service Centre supports you before and after your purchase. You can have your new bike up and ready to ride in a few simple steps using the tools provided. Our six-year guarantee provides peace of mind. If you are not 100% happy with your bike you can return it within 30 days.
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