May 27, 2020 Canyon Italia
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Bike Bonus: the best electric and city bikes

May 27, 2020 Canyon Italia

After lockdown’s over, we can go back out and rediscover our cities. Let’s do it in the saddle. Commuting by bike is definitely the best way – after long months spent in our homes, we can get back out and avoid traffic jams, reduce our environmental impact, stay fit and healthy, and rediscover every corner of our cities at our own pace.

Bike Bonus: the best electric and city bikes Roadlite:ON // Photo:

There’s never been a better time to join the green mobility revolution. Thanks to the voucher, which allows you to save up to 500 euros, you can buy the bike that meets all your needs for less. For cyclists, this is a new opportunity to rediscover the bike at any time of the day: for commuting, for leisure, and of course to continue dedicating yourself to the discipline you are most passionate about.

The Canyon range offers several models perfect for the city:

If you are looking for a bike to move around the city, with a unique style and low maintenance, check out our Commuter range of city bikes.

If you are looking for a more versatile bike, capable of commuting and also more sporty riding in your leisure time, check out our hybrid bikes.

Want to commute without making too much effort? The best choice is an e-bike like the Roadlite:ON. It’s practical and elegant. If you are looking for a model with a range of functional accessories, such as racks and support for trailers, take a look at the Pathlite:ON models.

Of course, you can also take advantage of the voucher to finally purchase your dream bike. Maybe that carbon racing bike you've been looking at for some time, or a new full suspension MTB to shred on the trails. If you can't wait to ride your new Canyon, look at our in-stock road bikes and MTBs. Ready to get started? Find out all the details of the voucher in the "FAQ" section below:


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