Sender AL 6.0
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Sender AL 6.0

  • Selected color: red
Frame Size: S
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Sender AL 6.0
Sender AL 6.0
  • Weight
    17.40 kg
  • Material
    Aluminium (AL)

Sender AL 6.0 Ready-to-race straight out of the box, the Sender AL 6.0 is the perfect choice for your next session out at the bike park or the upcoming downhill race.

Sender AL 6.0

Sender AL 6.0 Based on the same bike that Troy Brosnan raced to World Cup glory, the Sender AL 6.0 has high-performance DNA. When things get rough out on the track, that’s when the Sender comes to life. Attacking steep, technical downhill sections with newfound speed, it’s time to start taking seconds off of your times.

Sender AL 6.0
Sender AL 6.0

Bike classification

These bikes can be used by technically adept and experienced riders to tackle very challenging, extremely steep terrain with a high number of obstacles. In this category, big jumps are to be expected as well as intensive use in bike parks or on downhill courses. It is essential that these bikes are fully examined for any potential damage after every ride. Further use when using damaged parts could lead to a major component malfunction. In addition, safety-relevant parts should be replaced at regular intervals. Wearing appropriate protective gear is absolutely essential. This category includes long-travel full-suspension bikes as well as dirt bikes.

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