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Gravel is the freedom to ride wherever you want – combining dirt, fire roads, and asphalt to open up a world of riding opportunities. Whether you ride to explore, race or escape: gravel is as versatile as it gets.

Gravel Bike

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Gravel bikes are amongst the most versatile bikes around: they are fast, comfortable, reliable, and offer excellent handling and control. They make ideal adventure bikes whilst also being excellent day-to-day performers. The best gravel bikes are specially designed for versatile riding, lightweight, low-maintenance, and come with all-terrain tyres.

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Gravel Bike

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How do you ride gravel?

  • Gravel Bike Racing

    The Gravel Racer

    • Speed is everything. On long, gruelling off-road races, comfort and efficiency help save every second.
    • Comfortably sub-8 kg, our Grail CF SLX models deliver benchmark lightness for the best possible performance.
    • Innovative comfort features and aero optimisation across all carbon Grail models mean the're ready for the start line at your next event.

  • Gravel Bike Adventurer

    The Everyday Adventurer

    • Leave the traffic behind to add a new dimension to your riding. Mixed terrain capability allows you to explore locally and expand your map.
    • Class-leading tyre and rim technology across all Grail models have you rolling fast on the smooth and gripping confidently on the rough.
    • Swapping out your road ride or commuting through the week, nothing can match the versatility of our highly capable gravel bikes.

  • Gravel Bikepacker

    The Bike Packer

    • For weeks, or just at weekends, take off with all you need attached to your bike and craft your own adventure.
    • Canyon-engineered comfort features drastically minimise fatigue over broken terrain on the longest days.
    • With cage mounts fixed to the down tube, the Grail AL is kitted out to tackle longer trips where capability is key.

What’s the difference between a gravel and cyclocross bike?

At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference between a gravel bike (like the Grail) and a cyclocross bike (like the Inflite).

Gravel bikes are engineered for greater comfort and stability on extended rides over rough terrain.

In contrast, Cyclocross bikes are optimised for racing and designed for agility during hour-long all-out efforts on the cross course.

In terms of features, this means:

Gravel Bike Cyclocross Bike
Designed for comfort: high-volume tyres, Grail Cockpit, VCLS 2.0 leaf spring seatpost. Designed for speed and agility on tight, technical cross courses.
40 mm tyres: for more control and comfort on rough surfaces. 33 mm tyres compliant with UCI regulations for cyclocross racing.
Gravel Pro Geometry: a more relaxed riding position better suited to long rides. Cross Racing Geometry: the bike puts you in a more aggressive position.
An extended wheelbase for more stability on the rough. Short wheelbase for maximum agility and lively handling.
Wide-range gearing with at least a 1:1 bottom-end ratio for the steepest climbs. Race gearing, a tighter range with harder gears at the bottom end.

Awards // Gravel

Grail CF

In its first year on the market, the Grail CF SLX won the hearts of readers of the German ‘Road Bike’ magazine, winning the publication’s yearly ‘Best Bike Award’ reader survey. The Grail, a unique and modern interpretation of what a gravel bike should be, was the clear readers’ favourite, leaving its competitors to fight over second place.

  • 1st place RennRad Reader's Choice Best Bike Award

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    Design and engineered in Germany

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